Arlan Feiles Concert

Come join us for our name act concert series! Open to all residents of Skyline Country Club and their guests.

Kicking off, Friday, March, 20th! Stroll right from Happy Hour, at The Top, to The Crown Room for an incredible show!

Our first act, on Friday, March 20th, is an amazing singer/songwriter, recording artist, Arlan Feiles. From Asbury Park, New Jersey. Arlan has had his music featured in films such as Dallas Buyers Club, and television series, as well. He is a rare gem, and we are so excited to have him in the hood!arlan

Arlan was signed to Island Records and produced by Tom Dowd, who recorded Layla with Eric Clapton, and many more. Arlan was slated for fame, and then Tom Dowd passed away at the end of recording Arlan’s
album. A new A&R guy came in, and shelved the album. This happens all the time in the biz.

Tickets are $20, and include a glass of wine from a featured vineyard.

Please Note:
This is a Must see Concert held at Skyline Country Club.

– All tickets will be charged to your member account at the time of reservation (No refunds) and will be available for pick up at the Reservations Desk.