Important update on Skyline Country Club Renovation Projects

First Floor Reinvention 

As you have seen, the construction for our new indoor/outdoor bar called “The Top” is progressing. While we hoped for Phase 1 of this project to be completed in October a few unforeseen construction issues have delayed the opening. The good news is we have now decided to start the Phase 2 construction and work on Phase 2 is underway. We expect to complete the majority of the Phase 2 and all of Phase 1 in mid-November!

If you are stopping by the Club this week you will see the following work taking place at “The Top”:
Drywall of front bar.
Repairing of walls and ceiling.
Leveling of the floor to bridge across different slabs.
Start of demolition for phase 2 area (walls/floor/ceiling).
Remove windows to make room for the back bar.
Frame back bar and waterproof the exterior.

Thank you for your patience with the construction process. We are confident the finished product will be a great addition to the Club!

Completed Projects  

Earlier this month we received the new Club Car golf carts and we have had great reviews from all of the members. We opened all 18 holes for play on October 21st and are extremely satisfied with the condition of the wall to wall over-seeding. Weather cooperated and Gary’s crew did an outstanding job with prepping the course and planting the seed. This is the first full overseeding the Club has done in 3 years and the feedback for the members who have played is outstanding! Also on Monday the 21st we started hand mowing our greens with new Toro flex greens mowers and rolling the greens with our new roller. Our golf course is in the best condition it has been in a long time.

This Monday we finished the renovation and installation of the new fountains by the front entry doors of the Club. This new design uses less water, and has a much improved look.

A new sound system was installed in the lobby, front entrance, member dining rooms, and “The Top”. This sound system gives us the ability to play any style of music and tailor it specifically for the area of Club being used. We are excited to have the ambience enhanced by this feature and a positive that it will make a significant impact to your dining experience at the Club.

At our monthly Community Party on October 9th we held the grand opening of Club 5200. Club 5200 is located on the lower level of the club and dedicated to the children and grandchildren of our members. We have been pleased with the number of children participating in the activities so far. Currently we offer Golf clinics, tennis clinics, arts and crafts, homework help, and movie nights. This is just the beginning of a very fun addition to Skyline, as participation increases so will our activities.

Additional Projects  

On November 9th, we will begin a project to improve the front lobby of the main floor. This will include replacing carpet, finalizing the Legacy Commemoration Hallway, an update to the ladies restroom, and a redesign of the area where the front desk now sits. The work for this project will take place during the night and will not affect normal operating hours of the Club. The first impression of our Club will be dramatically improved once this project is completed and we can’t wait to hear your first impression after you see it.

We finalized the purchase of the new pool furniture and will be installing it as soon as it arrives. We can look forward to new chaise lounges, deep seating sets, pergolas, dining table, and oversized umbrellas. These additions will give the pool much needed comfort for your enjoyment.


Skyline Country Club is getting better and stronger every day, this is the result of our members sponsoring their friends in to Skyline. Our goal is to continue the improvements, but we will need your help. We hope the changes you see will make you proud of your Club and give you reason to continue inviting your friends to become members of Skyline. With every new member sponsored, we get closer to starting another project to improve our facilities, services, and activities. With members everything is possible! We appreciate your support, the support of our Legacy Members and the support of our community!

Thank you for being a Member!